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Created on 2009-04-15 11:32:08 (#67274), last updated 2009-05-30 (437 weeks ago)

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Name:FtM for Adults
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Community to discuss the adult aspects of FtM transition
This community is designed to be the adults-only version of [community profile] ftm. Here you can discuss all aspects of transition banned in the all-ages community. Topics include lower surgery, navigating sex, photos of pre-top chests and bits of all types, and anything else related to FtM transition that isn't appropriate for the under-18s.

Note that this is NOT a porn community. Do not post a detailed log of your latest sexual escapades unless it is related to the topic at hand (you or your partner being FtM is not related enough). It is also not a cruising community, if your sole interest is seeking out transmen for sex you'll have to stick to Craigslist.

Membership is moderated, if you'd like to join please have your birth year listed in your profile. I know that the community is flagged as having adult content so it shouldn't be accessible to the kiddies, but I like to be doubly sure.

For right now the community is open to allies, family, friends, etc as well as transmen, but that may change in the future. If there comes a time when the privacy of the transmale members becomes an issue I will change it to an FtM only community. The best way to avoid this is to not be a jackass (this goes to the transguys as well).

I'm going to keep the rules pretty basic to start with. We're all adults, we should know how to act like it. No personal attacks, no spam, pics and long posts behind a cut, use your judgment if something isn't spelled out for you. I'm not your daddy (kinky or otherwise), don't make me act like I am.

*Please note that discussion of safe sex practices are still allowed in [community profile] ftm. I certainly don't want to keep the teens from knowing how to stay STD free.
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